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New Hampshire  author publishes musical CD for her most recent book Sebastian’s Adventures: Diary of a Champion

The songs on this album are written and produced by musician and songwriter Francine Jarry, and are a reflection of the thoughts, perspectives and beliefs expressed in this beautiful book by Sebastian and his trainer Karin Matey.

Sebastian’s Adventures: Diary of a Champion (the book):

Sebastian’s Adventures: Diary of a Champion (the book) is a heartwarming story of the adventures of a young Hanoverian Perheron thoroughbred horse named Sebastian and his trainer Karin Matey on the road to success in the dressage arena. In his “diary”, Sebastian tells about his life on the farm, his first experiences in the dressage ring, his discovery of his love of jumping, and much more. When Sebastian was one year old, his trainer entered him into his first horse show and Sebastian discovered his love for the show ring. Over the years Sebastian and his trainer Karin have developed a wonderful partnership, the greatest goal of the dressage experience. Karin draws on her intimate knowledge of horses and the sport to introduce the young reader to dressage riding and the fundamentals of caring for a horse. She describes her thoughtful and gentle approach to training and keeping horses from which both the young reader and older ones too can draw lessons and inspiration. Sebastian and Karin introduce the reader to the basics of dressage, an ancient art which works with the natural movements of the horse and strengthens communication between horse and rider. Together, they describe their challenges and adventures in the ring and on the North Country trails. A picture emerges of what a friendship between horse and trainer can be, and what it takes to make it succeed.

About the author:

The author, Karin Matey, is a modern children’s book writer who has raised and trained four young horses from foal to championship. As a young child born in Germany, she developed a special connection with animals. When a teenager, she immigrated to the United States and now lives on a farm with her husband, daughter, and five horses in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The author believes that animals, especially horses, have taught her to remain humble and that a life spent surrounded by nature and horses provides a person with true wealth. The author has written three other books; Sebastian’s Adventures: An American Horse Family, Keanu the Arabian Spirit Lives in You (e-book format) and Sebastian’s First Dressage Show (e-book format).

The author’s books, musical CD with sample songs, and Sebastian’s Adventures posters are available through Sebastian’s web site: