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A Special surprise for Sebastian, Hannover, Misty and Keanu. All horses had a surprise visit today by two special ladies by the name of Love and Hope. Both came to visit. Hope told all horses that she specializes in natural healing techniques and that Love is her wonderful assistant. Everyone had a wonderful time with much fun and laughter. It was hard to say goodbye but Love and Hope promised to come and visit again soon.

Meet My American Horse Family and Friends.

Your feathered friends Sam and Samuel the geese, Aflac the duck, Reuben the rooster, and your horse friends Krizta, Cairo, Keanu, Misty, Sebastian and Hannover would love to hear from you. Please write on their blog and they will be delighted to respond back to you.

Meet Krizta

Krizta loved kids and was loved by them for many years. She was invited to come to many birthday parties and events and she always loved every minute of it. When Krizta arrived at the farm she was a very ill horse. The veterinarian that cared for her never thought that she would ever recover from her illness. It was the love and the bond Krizta and I formed that helped her heal and it was one year after Krizta arrived at the farm that Krizta was healed completely from her broken hip. Krizta and I had over 16 years wonderful years together; we cantered over open fields, we rode forest trails together. Nothing ever prepares one to say goodbye. Krizta passed away January 29, 2016. it was one of the saddest moments of my life having to say goodbye.

Krizta was a purebred Arabian.
Born 01/30/1986
Sex mare
Color grey
Height 14.1 hands


Meet Cairo

Cairo is an Arabian gelding who loves to meet new people especially kids. When Cairo came to our farm many years ago he was not a very trusting horse. Today, everyone that meets Cairo would never know that he came from a very troubled past. With a lot of love and care, Cairo has become a major part of his horse family on the farm. Cairo and I have had many wonderful years together. After Cairo and Krizta retired from riding they raised four young foals from foal to well-adjusted young horses.

Cairo, American warmblood.
Born 01/29/1997
Color chestnut
Breed Arabian
Sex gelding


Meet Keanu

Keanu is the most loveable horse. Before his family adopted him, he lived on a Premarin ranch in Lancaster, Minnesota. He was at risk of being sent to the slaughter house as the rancher had fallen on hard times and could no longer provide for all the horses that lived on the ranch. Twelve years later we still are so grateful that we found Keanu in the nick of time.
Everyone that gets to know Keanu cannot help but fall in love with him, for he is a very special horse. Keanu loves children and is very patient with them if they sit on his back to be taken around the ring. He also loves all his treats, apples, carrots and mint candy. His favorite stop is the mail box when he receives mail. Post cards with pictures are his favorite but he also loves letters that are especially delivered for him in the mail.

Name Keanu Bay
Born 05/10/2005
Breed Half-Arabian
Color dark bay
Sex gelding

Keanu had a surprise visitor today. His special friend Sally came to see him. Keanu was so delighted to see Sally that he only wanted Sally to visit with him and not the other horses.


Meet Midnight Myst

Misty came into our lives when she was only five months old. Misty lived with her half-brother Keanu on a Premarin ranch in Lancaster, Minnesota. The ranch had fallen on hard times and could no longer care of the horses. When I first saw Misty I fell in love with her and knew she would be the horse that I wanted to accompany her brother Keanu to their new home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Misty is a very special mare. Her nickname is Black Beauty and the kids that have gotten to know her love being with Misty. Misty loves training in dressage, she also loves jumping, she loves mint candy, apples and carrots, and also would love to hear from you.

Name Midnight Myst
Breed Half-Arabian
Color black
Sex mare


Meet Sebastian

Sebastian is a half-Hanoverian horse and he was born on a big farm in Manitoba, Canada. Sebastian was only seven months old when he came home to live with his family in the Northern White Mountains of New Hampshire. Sebastian is a fun horse with a wonderful character and disposition. I never met a horse that seems to understand exactly what I am saying to him before Sebastian. Sebastian loves our time together especially when we ride or go out to the country for our long walks. Sebastian loves mint candies, apples, and carrots, but his favorite is his grain. He loves dressage and riding to music. He is a natural in performing a musical freestyle. To Sebastian it would not matter what we do as long as we spend time together.
Name Sebastian
Breed Half-Hanoverian
Born 05/14/2005
Height 18.2 hands
Color black


Meet Hannover

Hannover is a half-Hanoverian mare; she is Sebastian’s half-sister. She arrived home with Sebastian to live with her new family in the Northern White Mountains in 2005. Hannover looked like a little fur ball with legs and she really was quite tiny when she was a little foal. Her breeder never thought she would grow taller than 14 hands. Hannover has grown into a 16.3 hands beautiful mare. Hannover is not a beginner’s horse; she has a gentle, childlike disposition and she is a very sensitive and loving horse. Hannover loves kids as well as carrots, mint candy, apples and lots of attention.

Name Hannover
Born 05/16/2005
Color dark bay
Height 16.3 hands
Sex mare


Meet Sam and Samuel

Sam and Samuel are two Chinese white geese.
Sex male
Born July 29, 2009


Meet Aflac the duck and his best friend Reuben the rooster

Born July 18, 2003
Breed White Chinese duck
Sex male
Born, April 20, 2008
Breed Bantam
Sex male