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My American Horse Family

A horse’s spirit called out for help and in a mysterious way, I was the one that heard her weary spirit’s call. Today I am so thankful that I kept my promise to never give up on my Krizta, not just for her sake, but for my own. Krizta was the first member of my American Horse Family. Krizta taught me that a horse forms the rider. She became my greatest teacher. After Krizta retired, she and Cairo, the next.....

Sebastian’s Adventures: Diary of a Champion

The adventures of Sebastian the horse continues in this heartwarming and uplifting story. This time, Sebastian discovers that he has a dream: he wants to become one of the most sought out dressage horses in the world. His dream comes with its own set of challenges. Will Sebastian succeed? Find out in Sebastian’s Adventures: Diary of a Champion!

Sebastian’s Adventures: American Horse Family

Sebastian’s Adventures tells the heartwarming story about a group of six horses from different places who became part of one American family. It is a tale that captures the beauty and sadness of life, and the rewards of friendship.